The farvel project is completed.

With farvel, Jennifer Beitel, Markus Traber and Lilli Berger have spent two years developing virtual 3D memory spaces and staging various events in Virtual Space. The team conducted research during the funding period up to and including September 2022 with the help of start-up grants from the Berlin University of the Arts and the Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf. Two companies emerged from the research results and start-up experiences:

Markus Traber and Jennifer Beitel with

Lilli Berger with

P.S. All rooms, including Mandy's memory room, will continue to be available under and will be jointly managed by us.

Our Virtual 3D Room of Remembrance

We designed the first 3D memory room called Træ (Danish for tree) entirely according to our ideas. Only after a year of research and experimentation did we know how to design an appropriate virtual 3D memory room for a funeral ceremony.

It was a long process from the first idea sketch to the realization. For this we would like to thank you very much for your constant feedback. Before we talk a lot about what we thought about the complete room concept, you should take a look for yourselves.


Our Thoughts on the Concept

You can see the abstraction from our first Indirectly illuminated spatial lines meet.


In this space, things are different from the world we know. We deliberately do not want to create an image of reality, but rather to free ourselves from it and thus expand our own world in the virtual. That is why we find an organically shaped room here, with open ceilings and unsupported columns as well as floating furniture. The room itself is placed in the clouds to undermine physical logic (the brave among you have certainly already peered out of the wall cracks).

You can see the lighting from our first The light illuminates the space through the centrally placed column.


Light and shadow play an important role in this room design. While the open outer shell creates a cosy atmosphere through indirect sunlight, the dramatic direct incidence of light through the cloud cover over the funnel-shaped column develops an exciting overall composition. Here, the memory image of the deceased person is illuminated as the brightest point. The contrast of light and shadow are perceptible throughout the room, whether on the floor, the walls or through the shadow cast by the tree on the benches where mourners sit together.

You can see the symbolism of our first In front of the image of the deceased, the tree rises to the sky as a symbol of life.


The tree is considered a universal symbol of life. Although this place is ostensibly about saying goodbye to a loved one, it is also primarily about the stories that life has to tell. Therefore, we especially want to encourage the sharing of memories among family and friends. The central placement of the tree, reaching up from the stage to the sun's rays, emphasises the symbolism of life. At the same time, the red leaves that will soon fall represent the resonating melancholy and finiteness of existence.

You can see the interior design of our first A red-leafed tree stands centrally in the middle of the room. Rows of wooden benches float curved in front of the stage, where both the lectern and the picture of the deceased can be seen.


The focus is ultimately on the deceased person. Therefore, the style of the interior is deliberately restrained to give family and friends enough space for their mourning and memories. Warming timeless wooden elements (stage, lectern and framing) meet cool minimalist exposed concrete with organic contours (wall and ceiling openings). The design is rather meant to serve the unique, memorable moment that not only brings friends and family together, but also unites them. 


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A Dynamic Process

After this insight, we would like to state that our room concept was created in a dynamic process that will continue to evolve with you even after this publication. Therefore, we are happy to talk with you about this space. Just write us via

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