Lilli Berger

I have been a funeral director for 10 years and no one in my family has ever died - until 2020 during the lockdown when my grandfather passed away and I was not allowed to arrange a funeral for my family.

Markus Traber

As a Creative Technologist, I deal with audio-visual experiences. When my father tore his Achilles tendon, he couldn't properly participate in his sister's funeral ceremony.

Jennifer Beitel

I am a Creative Technologist and have done research in the area of digital creative grief. At the time, digital engagement with this topic was dismissed as immoral.

Felix Wernli

Ich bin Industriedesigner und kann mich persönlich nicht mit dem Konzept der heutigen Friedhöfe und der damit verbundenen traditionellen Erinnerungskulturen identifizieren. Ich weiß, dass ich damit nicht allein bin.

We want to promote new cultures of remembrance in order to meet the diverse needs of our time. That is why we are developing virtual places of farewell, remembrance and exchange.

Feelgood Manager Floyd, a black and white stray dog with red brown eyes and one standing ear.

I was born on the streets of Romania and lost my mom a short time later in a car accident. My sister and I could be saved and I was allowed to move to Jennifer and her boyfriend in Berlin.

Since then, as a Feelgood Manager, I bring a smile to everyone's face and comfort when someone is sad.

Our Impulse

Mourning does not always have to be silent. Parting is vivid - just like us. And because we surround ourselves with digital content every day, we want to bring grief into the virtual space. Our motivation is to enable a unique exchange about the life of a loved one while creating new memories with friends and family. 

We bring people together in difficult times. To make this work, access to our rooms is easy and barrier-free. At the same time, protecting your privacy is important to us. That's why we collect as little data as possible and transparently show what it is used for.

Let's give farewell, memory and exchange a virtual place.

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