Virtual Islands of Remembrance

Vielen Dank für eure Teilnahme und euer Feedback

Off Stage Programme

From 20 – 22 May 2021, reminders can be left in the form of voice messages every day from 2 – 7 pm. The room can be entered at any time to listen to voice messages already left. 

Bis Sonntagabend, den 23. Mai 2021, können Erinnerungen in Form von Sprachnachrichten angehört werden.

20 May, 7 - 8 pm, live

We talk about the concept
Virtual Islands of Remembrance and
what we thought of it.

21 May, 7 - 8 pm, live

Together with our guests Evgeniya and Victoria from the online funeral home emmora we talk about Digital Funeral Culture.

22 May, 7 - 8 pm, live

Together with our guests Mel and Carina from the freelance bereavement network wer du warst, we talk about virtual farewell rituals.

from 20:15, live

Afterwards, the befriended film collective Generation Tochter hosts the short film festival Generation Morgen for young filmmakers.

Work in Progress

The Virtual Islands of Remembrancewere developed specifically for the Off Stage programme of re:publica 21. The challenge is to express a collective space for memories in the context of a digital conference.

We have limited ourselves to the most original form of storytelling – our language. This reduction puts the focus specifically on the bereaved with their oral memories and the exchange within the community.

Voice messages with memories of a loved one can be left around the world for others to discover.

Round interaction panels with atmospheric nature sounds (credits) encourage bonding with unfamiliar people. 

The centrally placed stage serves as a place to arrive and as a venue for the evening talks.

The Project Virtual Isles of Remembranceis a dynamic process that can only develop with you. Therefore, we look forward to an exchange with you.

Digital Conference re:publica 21

© re:publica 2021

As a young tech startup, we are represented with farvel at the digital edition of the re:publica 21 conference under the motto "In the Meantime" from 20 - 22 May 2021. Exclusively for this event, we have developed the 3D space VIRTUAL ISLANDS OF REMEMBRANCE.

A short introduction: Liz enters the virtual room. As she explores the room, she sees numerous voice recordings; each one a touching memory in remembrance of a person. Her brother Paul, who was killed in a car accident in NY a year ago, is very present to her again. She wants to capture the moment when Paul brought her flowers for her birthday, even though he had a pollen allergy. A person speaks to her about her story. They laugh and cry together without knowing each other. 

"In the end, we'll all become stories" (M. Atwood). When a person dies, memories are not only retold verbally, but also remain stored on mobile phones, computers or the internet. Now there is a place where stories can be experienced together: Virtual Islands of Remembrance. The abstract virtual world initiates communal exchange and thus gives collective memory a space. In addition to this experience, talks on the topic of digital mourning and memory will take place daily from 7 pm. Join us to discuss how grief and memory can be expressed in digital space.

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