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Aren't we a little late with our idea? We believe that we are addressing a general problem, which has only been made obvious by the Corona pandemic. Because of long distances, health or even financial reasons, we cannot say goodbye to a loved one the way we would like to. We faced this and other critical questions in an interview with radioeins conducted during re:publica 21 .

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Why did we choose a virtual 3D environment in the context of mourning? We think that the playful aspect brings a certain lightness with this topic. This is valuable because we have forgotten how to deal with dying or even grieving persons. We gave a little insight in an interview with WDR as part of re:publica 21.

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The end of a loved one is more difficult than ever at this time. We often can neither say goodbye to people nor allow human closeness. Physical spaces are exchanged for virtual ones. The clip END AND BEGINNING for the re:publica 21 asks whether this could be the beginning of a new mourning culture in an increasingly digital society. 

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When a person dies, memories are not only retold verbally, but also remain stored on mobile phones, computers or the internet. In the context of re:publica 21 there is now a place where stories can be experienced together: VIRTUAL ISLANDS OF MEMORY. The abstract virtual world initiates communal exchange and thus gives collective memory a space.

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Have you heard of the promession method? The dead body is transformed into humus within six to 18 months. But what if the body becomes compost and no longer needs to be buried in the cemetery, where could new places of remembrance be created? Guest on the Spotify Original Podcast Man lernt nie aus sprechen wir 8 Minuten mit Vreni Frost über digitalen Abschied und alternative Bestattungsformen.

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What do mindfulness and death have to do with each other? We were guests of the social media expert, biologist and meditation trainer Rini Pegka of Social Cosmos. In her podcast Digital Happiness we talked about our virtual places of farewell, remembrance and exchange.

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We ask ourselves the question: Is it possible to say goodbye digitally? We were guests of the grief counsellor Kira Littwin. In her podcast Tod und Tee we talk about virtual mourning and virtual farewells. We explain what led us to work on a digital solution for funerals and memorial rooms.

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The need for human connection in bereavement is greater than ever. Rituals are essential to understand the loss of a loved one. For it is only when we exchange stories, share our grief and reminisce that the deceased person comes back to life and eases our grief. So how can we create closeness where there is none? A report on our virtual farewell rooms in the (02/2021) Netzwärme issue of the magazine Bestattung (S. 8). 

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