The farvel project is completed.

With farvel, Jennifer Beitel, Markus Traber and Lilli Berger have spent two years developing virtual 3D memory spaces and staging various events in Virtual Space. The team conducted research during the funding period up to and including September 2022 with the help of start-up grants from the Berlin University of the Arts and the Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf. Two companies emerged from the research results and start-up experiences:

Markus Traber and Jennifer Beitel with

Lilli Berger with

P.S. All rooms, including Mandy's memory room, will continue to be available under and will be jointly managed by us.

Room of Remembrance for Johanna Klug

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Since the fall of 2021, we have been working together with the agency for farewell design and selected funeral orators Wer Du Warst on an offer for virtual goodbyes and memories. Now we are finally allowed to share with you what we have long planned and kept secret: The virtual memory room for the dying companion and author Johanna Klug. Don't worry, she is enjoying good health. She participated in this project so that we can show you what is possible in a virtual room. Up to 20 guests* from the bereavement industry were also present to see the current developments for themselves.

Our task distribution: Who You Were communicated with Johanna's friends and family and prepared the content of the ceremony as well as the eulogy. At the same time, we took care of the technical process, conducted user tests and set up the room with all the beautiful memories. In this close cooperation we can master the individual and sensitive care and the technical organization around the event. Pictures of Johanna from different stages of her life, last words of our guests as well as the eulogy are curated and displayed in the room. But before we talk long, visit Johanna's memory room yourself. ❤️

Room for Remembrance for a very Special Person

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erinnerungsraum johanna klug
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If you are interested in a Room of Remembrance contact us:

Our Cooperation for more Individuality and Accessibility

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Wer Du Warst
Agency for Farewell Design and Selected Funeral Orator*s

Unfortunately, we cannot take away the sadness of the farewell. But we can make ceremonies more individual, lighter and more comforting - in the sense of the deceased and you, the relatives. Our freelance speakers know what really matters in a funeral speech: the personality of the deceased person.

Our speakers take time for your life story or the life story of your loved one. We do not need general phrases about life, death and mourning. Because there is so much to tell about a person, his life and his personality. With us, you will not hear phrases that could theoretically be spoken at any other funeral service. Our speeches are so individual that they only fit the farewell of this one beloved person.

More info:

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Platform for virtual 3D Rooms of Remembrance

Grief can be quiet. And loud. Farewell is alive. Farewell is alive - just like us. And because we surround ourselves with digital content every day, we want to bring grief into the virtual space. Our motivation is to enable a unique exchange about the life of a loved one, while creating new memories with friends and family.

We bring people together in difficult times. To make this work, access to our rooms is easy and barrier-free. At the same time, protecting your privacy is important to us. That's why we collect as little data as possible and transparently show what it is used for.

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