The farvel project is completed.

With farvel, Jennifer Beitel, Markus Traber and Lilli Berger have spent two years developing virtual 3D memory spaces and staging various events in Virtual Space. The team conducted research during the funding period up to and including September 2022 with the help of start-up grants from the Berlin University of the Arts and the Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf. Two companies emerged from the research results and start-up experiences:

Markus Traber and Jennifer Beitel with

Lilli Berger with

P.S. All rooms, including Mandy's memory room, will continue to be available under and will be jointly managed by us.

republica22 Die Zukunft von Tod und Trauer Thumbnail

re:publica 22: The future of death and mourning

Backstage, final preparations are underway for the discussion panel at republica 22 with the topic "Ashes to Dust. Changes in the culture of burial and remembrance". The founders of farvel, the first virtual memory space, Lilli Berger, Markus ...


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