The farvel project is completed.

With farvel, Jennifer Beitel, Markus Traber and Lilli Berger have spent two years developing virtual 3D memory spaces and staging various events in Virtual Space. The team conducted research during the funding period up to and including September 2022 with the help of start-up grants from the Berlin University of the Arts and the Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf. Two companies emerged from the research results and start-up experiences:

Markus Traber and Jennifer Beitel with

Lilli Berger with

P.S. All rooms, including Mandy's memory room, will continue to be available under and will be jointly managed by us.

At the end of February, Daniela Eichberger invites you to a joint game evening in Her card game Playing with Death brings lightness to the topics of death and dying in a playful way. The playing cards are placed all around in the virtual room. With very direct questions, Daniela sensitively leads through the evening. 

The first to enter is Marijan, co-founder of the Funeral Home Memoria from Vienna, enters the room as a small green avatar: enthusiastically exploring the virtual farewell room for the first time. His first reaction: "Great. Now all that's missing is a buffet!"

Bildschirmfoto 2022 02 17 um 18.08.42
Game evening with Daniela Eichberger and her guests in

Daniela Eichberger, the inventor of the game, addresses the first playing card to Janna Nandzik, founder of the School of DeathYour partner dies. What keepsake would you like to keep?" She immediately knows the answer to this question: "My boyfriend is a musician and I would like to keep his record collection. I have shared memories with his music. When I listen to certain songs, I can relive shared memories. The record collection is like a memory library for me. I have something similar from my late mother. I have over 300 voice messages from her stored on my phone. It's a total treasure."

Bildschirmfoto 2022 02 17 um 17.35.35
Janna Nandzik as avatar in

The freelance speaker Sonja Uhrlich from near Linz has already arranged several funeral services. When asked what her own farewell service might look like, she has a clear idea: "At the foot of a mountain." She continues, "I would also like my ashes to be scattered on the mountain. My husband and I have often talked about death and it's good to know what would bring joy to the other." "Yes," adds Nele Stadtbäumer, founder of Grieving App Grievy from Aachen, adds. "I am very comforted by the thought that my relatives would create a beautiful farewell," she says.

Bildschirmfoto 2022 02 17 um 18.04.27
Sonja Ulrich as avatar in

The card "A game to honour you. What should be played?" reached just the right one. "Clearly Canasta," answers the freelance speaker. Jessica Davis from near Frankfurt a.M. without hesitation. "It's almost a running joke with my husband and parents-in-law and always leads to entertaining family evenings. Canasta brings back memories of those times together."

Bildschirmfoto 2022 02 17 um 18.54.53
Game guests as avatars in

Daniela gives us some more game modifications along the way. She invites the players to record the game rounds with their cameras so that they can access these fond memories at any time, or even play them back at a future family reunion. 

Together with her, we are happy to have given the topic of death a space in this evening. Here's to many more play evenings.

Feel free to drop by the room and play a round:

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