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At farvel (that’s us), we believe that privacy is fundamental to a healthy internet.

In this Privacy Notice, we explain what data may be accessible to farvel or others when you use Space ( Space is referred to as the app that creates a 3D space. As soon as you log into a farvel room, you are using Space.

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What data do we process?

Data processing agreement

We have concluded a data processing agreement with Digital Ocean. We use Digital Ocean as hosting service provider for Space ( The consent can be read here. You may also refer to the Digital Ocean GDRP FAQ.

Your presence and communications are sent to farvel and other Room participants.

  • Avatar data: We receive and send to others in the Room the name and likeness of your Avatar, its position in the Room, and your interactions with objects in the Room.
    • Stock Avatars: If you choose one of the regular avatars, you may login to store information about your avatar with farvel. You can optionally store information about your Avatar in your browser’s local storage if you do not log in to your account.
  • Room data: Rooms are publicly accessible to anyone with the URL. farvel receives data about the virtual objects and Avatars in a Room and shares that data with others in the Room.
  • Voice data: If your microphone is on, farvel receives and sends audio to other users in the Room. farvel does not record or store the audio. Be aware that once you agree to let Space use your microphone, it will stay on as long as you remain in a Space room, unless you turn it off.
  • You can learn more by looking at the code itself for Space. Janus SFUReticulumHubs-Ops

 farvel receives data you create and share with Space.

  • Voice Messages: farvel receives your recorded audio files to process and display them in the Space Room. If you make an audio recording, the file is stored locally on your device and uploaded to farvel’s servers so that it can be shared within the room. The voice messages may be used for an additional public exhibition in a virtual farvel space. All voice messages will be deleted no later than June 30, 2021.
  • Images, Video, and Objects: farvel receives video and image file links to process and display them in the Space Room. farvel stores this data as long as you remain in the Room. If you pin a video, image, or object in the Room, farvel will store that information until the object or room is deleted.

farvel receives technical and interaction data to improve performance and stability for Space.

  • Account data: You do not need to create an account to use Space. If you decide to create an account with your email address, we receive your email address to send you a login link, but stores only a hashed version of your email address.
  • Technical data: We receive and store data about Room URLs and names; the type of device you use to interact with Space, as well as its operating system, language, the name and version of browser; and other data to load and operate the Room.
  • Interaction data: We receive data about your interactions with the Space service itself such as the number of Rooms created, the maximum number of users in a particular room at one same time, the start and end time of a user’s interaction with Space, the amount of time a user interacts with Space through Virtual Reality, the first time in a particular month or day that a user begins to use Space. farvel uses third party services to store and analyze these operational messages.
  • Error Data: In order to diagnose problems, Space sends farvel logs of error messages (which include the Room URL, response time for requests, the page you were on when you encountered the error, your operating system, browser information, and may include your anonymised IP address).
  • Website data / analytics: We use the Open Source Plausible Analytics to better understand how you interact with We collect information about your website visits, the website you came from (referer), browser type and version, operating system and device type. This allows us to understand how people interact with so we can constantly improve it. We also collect data about the visitors country, but never anything more geographically specific information. No cookies are used, no personal data, not even an IP address or browser user agent is stored. For more detailed information on the data collected, see section „First thing first: What we collect and what we use it for“ in the Plausible Data Policy. The data collected is being stored on our server ( in Germany. To see how that looks, you can check out the Plausible live demo.
  • You can learn more by looking at the code itself for Space. Janus SFUReticulumHubs-Ops

Acknowledgement & License

This document is based on Mozilla’s Pivacy Notice for Mozilla Hubs, it is licensed under the Mozilla Public License Version 2.0.

Status: 12.05.2021

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